Ship / Info


  • Use a carton box (double boxing is even safer) big enough to fill packing materiel all around your watch.
  • Your watch should not move when box is closed.
  • ​DO NOT use your original Breitling box.
  • Your package should be taped properly to prevent any accidental opening during handling by the carrier.
  • Include your return address on the shipping label. We DO NOT ship to PO box

​       Send your package to :        

                                                              SWS *
                                                              1111 Kane Concourse, Suite 500
                                                              Bay Harbor Islands, Fl 33154
                                                           * SWS stand for Swiss Watch Service

  • Insure your watch for a replacement value in the unlikely event that it gets lost. (Call us at 305 867 8333 if you don't know. We will be happy to help)
  • Request someone to sign when the package is received at our location.         
  • (we have been using UPS for over 20 years with great satisfaction but you may also use FEDEX or USPS registered)
  • You are welcome to call if you are unsure of the value of your watch.
  • A few words on the problem and a copy of any email x-change along with your watch, phone number and contact e-mail will be helpful.
  • After we establish what your watch need and considering your special instruction(s)​, we will e-mail or fax the estimate to your attention.
  • In the estimate we will specify what is really requested for a proper service and we will give you optional items when adequate, meaning that it is your watch and you will decide.
  • We will return your watch via UPS fully insured in our special Pouch and Outside packing box and a service booklet.
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